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How to get free views on YouTube?

Zhark is the best way to get high-quality, targeted, and free YouTube views from this traffic exchange platform. Zhark is the perfect tool for anyone looking to increase YouTube views and grow a YouTube channel quickly and safely.

All the views you get are from real people. They are actually interested in watching your videos and watch them to the very end. The videos run on all players both on desktop and mobile devices which makes them attractive for Users. You can get visits from desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Benefits of Increasing YouTube Views

Getting more YouTube views will increase the natural growth of your videos as well as your channels. Videos that have more views are considered more successful. Here are the most significant benefits of increasing YouTube views.

When your views increase, your video ranks higher in the search result and in the YouTube lists of suggested videos to users. The more video views you have, the more ad money you will get

Steps to Getting Free YouTube Views

  • Register & log in.
  • Earn points by completing simple tasks.
  • Spend your points to get free YouTube views

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How to Launch a YouTube Views Campaign

1. Log in to your account.
2. Now, click on the Advertise option
3. After that click on youtube.
4. Enter your video details.
5. Confirm the views settings then click on create.
6. That’s it, now points are debited from your account and visible for advertising once approved by the team.

Important Notice:

A youtube video last lasts up to 40 seconds and these are the types of URLs supported



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