Free Website Traffic Exchange

What Is Traffic Exchange?

Traffic exchange websites, also known as traffic exchanges or traffic portals, are websites that allow website owners and webmasters to trade traffic with one another. They are usually free of charge.

The main goal of these websites is for its members (i.e., website owners) to be able to increase their web page’s ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo by exposing it to other members’ visitors.

How to get free hits on website?

Zhark is the best way to get high quality website traffic to your website. Increase your rankings using the most trusted manual traffic exchange service. Zhark is the perfect tool for anyone looking to increase website visits and grow their website quickly and safely.

All the visits you get are from real persons. They are actually interested in visiting your website. You can get visits from desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Benefits by Increasing Website Visit

Getting more hits will increase the natural growth of your website. When your views increase, your website ranks is  higher in the search result to users. The more views you have, the more ad money you will get

Steps to Get Free Website Visits

  • Register & log in.
  • Earn points by completing simple tasks.
  • Spend your points to get free YouTube views

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How to Launch a Website Visit Campaign

1. Login to your account.
2. Now, click on the Advertise option
3. After that click on website.
4. Enter your website details.
5. Confirm the impression settings then click on create.
6. That’s it, now points are debit from your account and visible for advertising once approbed by the team.

Important Notice:

The website must not contain

  • Adult content or sexually themed material
  • Drugs and Drug
  • Tobacco Sales
  • Discriminatory Practices
  • Hate / Violence Sites
  • Weapons Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Illegal Downloads including movies, MP3, software etc
  • The website must not contain or promote any viruses
  • Your site must not attempt to automatically download files
  • The website must not contain ANY prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts
  • The website must not have a popup/pop under window


If you sign up today you will get upto 10 points for free so you can try out our traffic exchange and start getting website traffic immediately.

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