Free Banner Ads Impression

What Is Banner Ads?

Banner advertising is a form of online advertising using banners with hypertext links and flash images, and when users click on them they are lead him to the advertiser’s page directly or by simply clicking the ad.

How to Get Free Banner Impression

Zhark is the best way to get high quality, targeted, and free banner impression from this traffic exchange platform. Zhark is the perfect tool for anyone looking to increase banner impression and grow quickly and safely.

All the views you get are from real persons. The Impressions run on all players both on desktop and mobile devices which makes them attractive for Users. You can get impression from desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Benefits by Increasing Banner Impression

If your ad looks appealing, the visitor will click ONLY if he or she wants to see more about what you have to offer them. It’s the ultimate in targeting!. Banner ads can be creative, eye-catching, appealing and affordable to get more views are considered more successful.

Steps to Get Free Banner Impression

  • Register & log in.
  • Earn points by completing simple tasks.
  • Spend your points to get free impressions

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How to Launch a Banner Impression Campaign

1. Login to your account.
2. Now, click on the Advertise option
3. After that click on banner.
4. Enter your Banner title, Image Url and Target link.
5. Confirm the impression settings then click on create.
6. That’s it, now points are debit from your account and visible for advertising once approbed by the team.

Important Notice:

The banner must be a .jpg format with maximum width: 450 px & height: 60 px. The banner must not contain

  • Adult content or sexually images
  • Your target link must not attempt to automatically download files
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific CTR, as it depends on the visual appeal of your own ad. All we do is provide the impressions so yours is seen, but it’s the visitor’s decision to clickthru or not. This actually makes the visit of the highest quality possible from a paid traffic source!


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